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A History Of Interior Design Fourth Edition

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Author:  John Pile , By (author)  Judith Gura

Format: Hardback | 496 pages

Dimensions: 220 x 292 x 44mm | 10g

Publication date: 26 Aug 2013

A History of Interior Design tells the story of 6,000 years of domestic and public space. This fully updated fourth edition includes a completely new chapter on twenty-first-century interior design and a heavily revised chapter on the late twentieth century.

Interior design is a field that includes construction, architecture, furniture, decoration, technology and product design. This one-volume history weaves together these topics in a fascinating narrative that runs from cave dwellings and temple architecture, through Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance palaces, to the grand civic spaces of the nineteenth century and the sleek interiors of modern skyscrapers.

Embedded in a social and political context, detailed discussions of famous buildings, from cathedrals to Koolhaas, are interspersed with investigations of the domestic vernacular - the cottages, farmhouses, apartments and city terraces inhabited by ordinary people.The new edition of this bestselling history includes over 50 new images and many previously black and white images updated to colour.


 A History Of Interior Design Fourth Edition