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Mô tả

Author: Simone Schleifer 

Format: Hardback | 384 pages

Dimensions: 23.88 x 2.79 x 23.88 cm

Publication year: 1 July 2019

Bamboo has gained the name of "plant steel" in the field of construction. Since ancient times, it has been widely used in Asia and Latin America. For many years bamboo had lost its role as a construction material in parts of the world where it grows indigenously due to an increase in the use of more modern material. It was gradually replaced by concrete, steel, and wood and became known as a "poor man's wood." Thanks to the research and design carried out by key worldwide architects and engineers in recent decades, this attractive natural material is being reconsidered as a construction and basic design material. This book features international examples of current projects where bamboo has been used as the main material.