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Hockney - Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature

SKU: 9780500239971 Supplier: Thames & Hudson Ltd


Author:  Hans Den Hartog Jager

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Dimensions:  225 x 270 x 22.86mm | 880g

Publication date:  07 May 2019

Landscape has become an important theme for David Hockney, especially since he returned to his homeland, the Yorkshire Wolds, in the 1990s. The landscapes in this catalgoue show a series of in-depth observations of the changing seasons and the way in which light, space and nature are constantly in motion. They are reminiscent of the landscapes of Vincent van Gogh, including his monumental Wheatfield with Crows and The Harvest. This book pays particular attention to these beautiful landscapes alongside Van Gogh's depiction of nature, with a special focus on technique, perspective and colour, and the way Van Gogh and Hockney use these 'formal' elements to create their particular view on the world surrounding them.

The book includes an exclusive interview with David Hockney about the inspiration he has found in Van Gogh's work.


 Hockney - Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature