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Hot Knits_Melissa Leapman_9780823023387_Watson Guptill

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Offering an ever-expanding market of youthful knitters 30 fresh and fashionable designs, this knitting guide will appeal to busy knitters at all skill levels. The quick-knit designs fit into modern wardrobes and hectic lifestyles and include patterns that flatter all shapes and sizes. Illustrated with dramatic fashion photography, this collection includes tanks, pullovers, cardigans, tunics, hoodies, jackets, a tube top, and a dress. The designs feature fun details such as ruffles, leather lacing, and fringed borders, and are created in a variety of exciting colours and textures as well as price points of yarn. Also provided are designer tips - specific comments to aid in a garment's construction-and knitter-friendly details such as how to make successful yarn substitutions, an abbreviations list, and a guide to materials and instructional resources

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 Hot Knits_Melissa Leapman_9780823023387_Watson Guptill