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Knitting: 200 Q&A_Rita Taylor_9780764161377_Barron's Educational

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Here's a trouble-shooting problem solver for both beginning and experienced knitters. Set in a question-and-answer format, this knitter's handy helper asks questions such as: "Why do my stitches look uneven when I work in color?" The author offers three possible explanations to this question, which virtually s that one or another of them will provide the correct solution to every knitter's problem. Other questions with clear answers and precise directions cover the "hows and whys" of brocade knitting, the right way to make a cable cross in a particular direction, the most efficient one-handed and two-handed methods of holding yarn while knitting, casting on, basic stitches, shaping, cables and twists, picking up and joining, and many more subjects. Getting beyond the basics of knitting, additional chapters show how to make knitted lace and other decorative embellishments. Two hundred questions and answers come with clear, close-up color photos. The book features approximately

 Knitting: 200 Q&A_Rita Taylor_9780764161377_Barron's Educational