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Renaissance 1420-1600

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Author:  Kristina MenzelUschi BaetzRuth DangelmaierUta HasekampDaniel Kiecol

Format: Hardback | 540 pages

Dimensions: 28.19 x 4.06 x 30.99 cm

Publication year: 1 July 2019

During the origin of Renaissance painting in Italy, a world view was revived that enabled man to determine his own existence. In painting, new themes developed along with an orientation toward representing reality. This naturalism was influenced by Dutch painting from around 1450, and as the fifteenth century transitioned into the sixteenth, Rome followed Florence as the center of the Renaissance. Shortly thereafter, the new style radiated to other countries. In northern Europe, the Renaissance combined with late medieval currents, which also placed earthly existence at the center of attention. Renaissance 1420-1600 shows with more than 400 works an overview of the most important paintings of the era.


 Renaissance 1420-1600
 Renaissance 1420-1600