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Roses: Floramour

SKU: 9783961714810 Supplier: Teneues


Author: teNeues Verlag

Format: Hardback | 208 pages

Dimensions: 20.42 x 2.36 x 24.1 cm

Publication date: 17 May 2023

In wise words, Christian Dior once proclaimed: "Flowers are, apart from women, the most beautiful gift God has given the world." The new teNeues series, Floramour, which henceforth honourably celebrates the most exquisite natural beauties that adorn our gardens, proves just how right he was. Each series title is dedicated to a genus of flowers, viewed from an aesthetic perspective. In a noble presentation with impressive pictures and interesting texts, an exciting portrait of our favourite flowers is created. It begins with the rose.

Whoever gives a rose as a gift will conquer all hearts in an instant, for like no other of its fellows it is regarded as a symbol of romantic passion. As a faithful helpmate, it has been accompanying declarations of love since time immemorial, making it a real Everybody's Darling. But authentic message transmission is not limited to the gift of the much-loved rose. Flowers have always acted as mouthpieces - and sometimes they can express more than the most beautiful words can.

The illustrated book enables flower enthusiasts to get to know their favourites from a different perspective. With less pragmatism, but more cultural history, the reader is stylishly introduced to their geographical origin, their significance in the world of art, religion and history, as well as their most famous followers in pop culture. It becomes clear that these flowers have real character!


 Roses: Floramour
 Roses: Floramour
 Roses: Floramour
 Roses: Floramour