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Leave No Trace_Jim Wark_9780789320773_Universe

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North America’s pristine, remote, and very much endangered lands as seen through the award-winning aerial photography of Jim Wark. The expanse of North America seems boundless, and its wild lands encompass some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Though timeless in their majesty, some areas are at risk of vanishing or changing forever, and Jim Wark’s passion is to capture many of these beautiful regions before they are developed or environmentally impacted-and lost. From the lush coasts of the Great Lakes to the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, from the deep crevasses of Utah’s Canyonlands to the picturesque valleys of the Appalachians, this breathtaking volume captures these remote gems with glorious vistas and unique and detailed perspectives only available from the air.
Piloting his high-wing bush plane for unobstructed camera work and unique low-level angles, Wark’s artistic eye for detail makes this book an incomparable trip to the last North American wildernesses.  

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