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New Orleans_Geoffrey H. Baker_9781864707175_Images Publishing

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• Adds a new dimension to the architectural guide by marrying incisive analysis of the development of New Orleans's urban design context with beautiful color illustrations, as well as beautiful photos• The book takes you on a vibrant pictorial tour of the city s innovative architecture, building interiors, cityscapes and topography by renowned photographer Timothy Dunford. His full-color, large-scale photographs showcase the city's atmospheric streets and boulevards, grand mansions and vibrant domestic residences, with close-ups of classical as well as modern architectural details• Geoffrey H. Baker provides pertinent comparisons with historical references to New Orleans by other eminent writers, such as Mark Twain and others. Baker references and compares international cities with elements of New Orleans's urban development, architectural styles, and culture. He includes commentary on the Make it Right project, and HRH Prince Charles's work on Poundbury• Covers topics ranging across architectural styles (balconies, shutters, courtyards, façades etc); indepth descriptions of key landmarks, including Saint Louis Cathedral, William Faulkner in Pirate's Alley, the atmospheric charms of the Vieux Careé, the Garden District, Rosa Park, Jackson Square; and the natural botanic elements of the city's flora, trees, parks, and greenery; and so much more New Orleans, like Venice, is built in a location that at first sight seems curious in the extreme. How could it be that these cities, built so precariously in the face of a watery threat, were to become among the great cities of the world? How could a site below sea level, at a swampy curve in the River Mississippi become one of the most visited cities in the United States, and possess a unique kind of magic that separates it from other cities? Geoffrey H. Baker’s gem of an architectural guide answers these burning questions. Inside these richly illustrated pages he explains how the urban design works for this city’s plight, which is frequently handicapped by nature’s capacity to destroy in the form of hurricanes. Timothy’s beautiful photography showcases the unique topography and architectural fabric of New Orleans, and Geoffrey’s insight illuminates the city’s inimitable spirit that’s born of its constant battle forsurvival.

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 New Orleans_Geoffrey H. Baker_9781864707175_Images Publishing
 New Orleans_Geoffrey H. Baker_9781864707175_Images Publishing